You´ve Trained Hard and you´ve just come through Pre-Evaluation. You´ve proved that you are able to meet the Evaluation Requirement, you are 100% ready to sit the 10 day Evaluation Exam. You understand the rules and trade plan that you have to follow, you know exactly what you have to do, and here is the moment you have been working towards::

1. Here you will incorporate everything you learned into a final qualifying Exam.

2. If you Quaify this final stage you will be funded with the amount that your Evaluation was completed with. $50,000 is the base account.

3. Your ultimate goal is to keep to the TRADING RULES that have been defined. Meeting the Profit Objective will come as a by product of being disciplined.

We recommend that you stick with the $50,000 account balance unless you have prior experience of Trading with larger size. It is very straightforward to get a larger account Trading later, first thing is to meet the minimum requirements of the Evaluation to get you Trading a LIVE Account as a Professional Funded Trader.

To chose an initial account balance of larger than the $50,000 base you MUST get permission.

evaluation chart

Loss Limit is maximum per day. Profit Objective is over the full 10 day period.

If at the end of the Evaluation Exam Period you have adhered to the Evaluation RULES and you have achieved a Profit Objective of greater than what is required for the chosen account size, you will Qualify automatically and be::

INVITED TO GO PRO as a Fully Funded Professional Trader

Is this really feasible for a new Trader to Qualify? YES. WITHOUT DOUBT.

Just like any other Profession and it´s Training or Apprenticeship Period, newly Trained Students Qualify all the time. Trading is no different, it just takes learning the required Skill Sets, then practice and more study. Everyone has a chance, if they work hard on the Training.

Everyone starts somewhere, it takes learning the right way and discipline!


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