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Initial Training

This is an extremely exciting and rewarding phase. You will learn things that you never dreamed of, you will be itching to get out of the starting gate on the road of profits – YOU MUST REMAIN CALM AND FOCUSED – There is a lot to learn and absorb, there is certainly no pressure from us at all for time frames of success, so do not pressure yourself unnecessarily with these doubts.

Qualifying Traders can be rewarded after Training with a $50,000 LIVE Trading Account. This is only the beginning of your journey, there’s a long road ahead but with time, effort and determination you have an excellent chance of making it work out….

Knuckle down, do the required study, study some more, integrate with the Live Trade Room and practice practice practice – Practice until it is second nature, and believe me, it will become so, if you put the time and effort in.

It is all laid out ahead of you. There, yours for the taking!


Trader Strategies and Types of Trading can vary as much as the people themselves. However, there is one thing that all Professional Traders do, it is to FOLLOW RULES.

PROFESSIONALS FOLLOW RULES. Regardless of their Profession.

The BackBone of any Trading Strategy is based on RULES. Risk Management, Trade Management, whatever the case you must know categorically what you are going to do in the event of a certain thing happening, and you must execute that rule at the given moment without hesitation.

THIS is what Practice through to the 10 Day Evaluation Period is going to show. Can you do this? Come rain or shine, good trades or bad trades, can you FOLLOW THE RULES? Discipline, it is very important.

The “Profit Objective” of the 10 day Evaluation is only half the story. Can you cut it where discipline is concerned? This will make or break a Trader.

During your 10 day evaluation (and during all your training stages too, whilst doing 10 day practice and Pre-Evaluation in any event) you are governed by certain rules that you must adhere to – Some are dictated by your own way of Trading, some are dictated by the Equity Partner. We are only here to follow them, and here they are…

They are 100% not open to negotiation for Funded Traders. If you have any theories or bending of breaking any rule, YOU ARE NOT READY TO BE EVALUATED.

I hope this is crystal clear. In essence you should be following something similar, regardless of whether trading a funded account or your own account. If you have been trading for any length of time, you will fully understand all these items and their importance.

If you do not understand any of the Rules, then please ask for advice and further explanation BEFORE you Trade.

EXCUSES are not required or accepted under any circumstances, ever.


During Practice Sessions you will trade REAL TIME Futures in a SIMULATED NO RISK environment.

Practice takes different forms at various stages of development, but you will be fully trained what to do.

Initial Practice revolves around learning the Platform, Trade Execution, Trade Management, and how to see and define profitable set-ups.

General Practice consists of fine tuning everything you learned and consistently hitting defined objectives – All the while Trading professionally and confidently – Your TradePlan will be developed here, you will begin trading around rules, fixed rules that are strictly defined.
Professionals Follow Rules, always!

Final practice takes the same strict form that you are going to trade during the final Evaluation Period – Final Practice is a “Dress-Rehearsal” of the final 10 day Exam, we call it PRE-EVALUATION.


This is the final stage of Training. when your trades are looked at the end of every day by a BonTrade Monitor. This takes place for a defined period of time, this stage adds stress to your Trading because you are being monitored, you are expected to hit certain objectives, all the while following the trade plan that has been defined for you. This ensures you are ready for the final Evaluation Exam direct with the Equity Partner. When you are developing a strategy in initial and general practice there is leeway to sticking to the rules of the book – But once you are in “Pre-Evaluation” proving that your strategy is capable of succeeding in the Evaluation Period, then you will be Trading with every rule 100% intact.

Take as long as you need!

Do not feel any pressure to take the Pre-Evaluation before you are ready. You will know when you are ready, you will be confident and relaxed about the task in hand – You will know that you are going to succeed, without doubt in your mind.

After you breeze through PRE-EVALUATION, you will sit the final Monitored Evaluation Exam, this is the ultimate stage before qualifying and is conducted directly with the Equity Partner, under exactly the same conditions you have become accustomed.

Good Luck and Best Trading to You.


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