enhance your crude oil live trade room with the s&p price action training course

S&P Trader Members

S&P Trader Members learn to read raw price action in the charts….

  1. Complete Course teaching how to get started
  2. Carefully selected “Simple Profitable Trades” from the Advanced Course
  3. These Price Action trades show themselves DAILY
  4. How to prove you can make money without risking a Dime in the market
  5. Complete Instruction for even the inexperienced Novice
  6. Learn how to be finished in ONE hour per day
  7. Relax and spend the rest of the day doing things you ENJOY
  8. Become Financially Independent

All S&P Trader Members have access to our Private Trade Room.
Our Trade Room is a 100% focused environment. We offer a relaxed and professional day trading room for Futures Traders, some are experienced, others are stepping onto the ladder for the first time.

Our Trade Room is most active between the hours of 9am and 12noon EST.
Focussed discussion, Market Technicals & Analysis and Live Trading – This acts as a great extra set of professional eyes for seasoned traders, and for new traders the technical analysis shows exactly how the course reflects in real time in the actual market

You will witness multiple trade setups every day, technical analysis in real time with the market moving in front of your eyes – you can see Live Charts and watch the accuracy shown in real time. Trader will often draw setups directly on the screen, giving an insight into what he is thinking about.

A unique and unprecedented environment for Traders …

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