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Do you crave Genuine Help with Trading?

BonTrade has built a strong focused Community who are committed to Trading together in a pressureless Team Environment. After repetitive let-downs and years of searching for such a community, in 2009 we built our own Private Community.

NO more Trading blind! We show you what works, we keep you away from what doesn’t…

There ARE proven ways to be consistently profitable. There is a certain path to take:
BonTrade shows you the exact steps…..

Hard work & dedication is necessary to succeed in Trading – It does not come easy…
You have a difficult path ahead, if you persist you will see that the hard work was worth it,
Trading will slip into place and everything will make much more sense.

You need the right Trading resource!

From Trainee to Professional Trader…

BonTrade offer fixed solutions for both novice and experienced Traders.

Initial Trader Training

Comprehensive Support and Guidance for all Members

Full RoadMap from Novice >> Professional

Career Advancement for Professional Traders

Our Members have one of the best edges possible. All laid out in explicit courses!
Learn the Art of Price Action Trading and finally become, and then remain, consistently profitable.

Mentorship with Professional Traders

Tuition, Study & Guidance

Exact steps to take & how to start up

Integration into a real Team Environment

Progression through the stages of Trader, from Trainee to Professional

Trade Management & Discipline

Comprehensive Executive Support for all BonTrade Members

BonTrade points you through the ABC´s
Learn Trading the Right Way, from the Start