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Traders Audio


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Ben Lichtenstein from Traders Audio is one of the real Pros inside the CBOT.

We have negotiated a very special discount for our clients. CONTACT US>> to find out how to take advantage of the
Partner Special Offers

As a BonTrade Member you can get a fantastic 40% discount from the standard monthly package from Traders Audio. Listen to the S&P Pit with Ben commentating LIVE on the action right alongside the actual Pit where the orders are passing from the CME Traders.


* Feel the Pit and it´s Energy. Immerse yourself in the action.

* To the second trading information direct from the CBOT S&P Trading Pit

* Know when the Institutions are buying in huge size

* First hand information once only known to Floor Traders

* News Releases in REAL TIME

* Expertise regarding Buyers and Sellers and how the market reacts to it all - In REAL TIME.

* Other Dedicated Services available from the Grain Pits, Treasuries and even FOREX.

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Traders Audio is an online service which is based inside the CBOT (The Chicago Board of Trade).

Live Commentary is run by Ben Lichtenstein who is an exceptional Commentator - He is at the edge of the S&P Pit in the CBOT and live quotes along with the action during normal market hours (8.30am - 15.30 CST) - He can see The S&P Pit Live and communicates directly with Traders in the Pit along with other professionals who work in the CME.

This is about as close to the S&P action as you can get, without spending time inside the CME itself - I 100% thoroughly enjoy it. Listen to Ben as he quotes the live prices and gives extremely insightful information regarding who is trading the size, breaking news events and even technical information now and again. Hear the roar of the Pit behind Ben as volume piles into the S&P, this has to be important information you can use...... Without doubt the highest recommendation.

If you are dedicated to trading the S&P this service is extremely insightful - You could potentially utilize this service to trade other indices which track alongside the S&P (ie the Nasdaq and Dow) but it would be to your own interpretation as only the S&P is focused upon here, 99.9% of the time anyway.

Ben live quotes along with the S&P action, and he will often let you know exactly what the Institutions (JP Morgan, Chi Corp etc) and the larger Trading Locals are Trading - ALL in 100% real time .... Major News events effecting the floor are also called, so he really does give you a heads up with the current trading situation, just like if you were trading in the Pit yourself.

It is possible to get a trial to the different services offered by Traders Audio.

The best service in my opinion is the SP PitTalk - This service gives all the commentary but filters out the repetitive quoting of each tick - The repetitive quoting can get frustrating if you are not used to it. For those hardcore Traders a full Pit Broadcast is available for the same price, this includes Ben quoting almost every tick as it is traded.

Iif you are trading the S&P seriously then it is an exceptionally valuable resource.

This product is not for novices, you should have knowledge of the Futures Markets as you will get no "training", BonTrade can however help you to interpret the action and Ben is always happy to answer questions if you feel the need. Without doubt Traders Audio is a valuable asset which you should look at if you are seriously into this area of trading - their prices are extremely realistic, a steal even, even without all the commentary and reports you get the Data direct from the floor in real time.... And Breaking News Events which effect the Markets. Considering the value you get from it you could even think about canceling your Live News Feed to compensate the price.

Coming from me it is a great compliment. I hate Audio Rooms personally, but this one is very very special in my opinion, listening to Ben commentate and the background PitNoise is just fantastic.

COST - From $50 per month, payable monthly. BonTrade Members get an automatic 40% discount CONTACT US>>

There are other services available other than the S&P - Traders Audio offer a dedicated Grains Pit Service, Treasuries Service (Bonds and 10yr Note) and even a FOREX Service. There is an option to get all the Pit Services under one subscription for a total price of 175$ per month (less 40% discount for BonTrade Members).




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