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Select Trades direct from the Advanced Course…

Our “Getting Started & Making First Profits MINI-COURSE” has been developed for beginner & more experienced Traders.
No matter what your stage of trader development you can benefit from the carefully selected trades from the full BonTrade “Advanced Course”.

Suitable for a completely new Trader you will receive everything from the ground basics right up to profitable trade set ups which you can duplicate in only an hours trading per day. Work from 9am to 10am EST and be done till the next morning.

Experienced Traders can benefit from the Trade Set-Ups in this “Mini-Course”. Fast track through the set-up process to lucrative Advanced Course set-ups that show themselves every single morning. Add confluence to your trading arsenal…

  1. Complete Course teaching how to get started
  2. Carefully selected “Simple Profitable Trades” from the Advanced Course
  3. These trades show themselves DAILY
  4. How to prove you can make money without risking a Dime in the market
  5. Complete Instruction for even the inexperienced Novice
  6. Learn how to be finished in ONE hour per day
  7. Relax and spend the rest of the day doing things you ENJOY
  8. Become Financially Independent


The “Mini-Course” comprises a carefully tuned selection of full trade set-ups from the BonTrade “Advanced Course”. These carefully selected trades show themselves each and every trading day. You will see first hand that these set-ups are incredibly profitable.., and that they show themselves over and over.

It really is possible to learn to trade consistently and profitably, IF you are shown the correct information. We do this for you by introducing you to an insight into exceptionally profitable Trades, all written in plain English – The Course contains everything a novice needs to get started from a blank canvas.