The evolution of BonTrade

First and foremost we are Day Traders, we rarely hold trades over – This helps keep our stress levels in check, and simply suits us better.

BonTrade is split into 2 sections.

1) Valuable Trading Resource with many great tips for novice traders just stepping onto the ladder. Simply read on and move to the next page, “Traders are Made, not Born >>”

2) We have developed and compiled our complete strategy as a training blueprint. We teach and show the full strategy, in real time, Members meet daily in our Private Futures/S&P Trade Room.
Speed up your profitability and take advantage of working as part of a Team Community.

A 100% unique and unprecedented member environment.

Out of many frustrated years of our own, BonTrade was born to point struggling traders into a few positive outlets for Trader Training. A Community we ourselves searched for, we decided to start our own trade room because there was nothing on the market available for Professional traders, we searched the internet but only found fluffy “smoke and mirror” rooms where there was no real “Team Environment”.

Our Trade Room forms the basis of our working day, we hang out and discuss set-ups in a real-time environment, then alongside this, we help others get to a new level in their own trading. It really is unique. We have anything from 20 – 30 traders in the room daily, many of whom are experienced, there are always a few newer traders under training, but we keep the room small and focussed so there is no saturation of information – it´s a positive outlet and mentally rewarding.

BonTrade started out many years ago reviewing some of the “Educators” out there, we were often praised highly for the scathing reviews we gave most of the “Educators” who were just trying to take your hard earned cash with little or no return. Over the years the BonTrade site grew into its present format. Our S&P/Futures Trade Room is packed with experienced Traders who have their eyes on the markets, all following the same guideline strategy, it is a 100% unique environment for the Pro. Trader.

We are the real deal, (extremely) simple people with a passion for Trading – the resources and methodologies we use each and every day are available for others to learn, high probability trades which have guided us for many years.

Move in a positive direction. Start being fed the correct information, take those first steps to success, and most importantly ……..

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